Bruno Munari

Born in 1907 in Milan, designer, painter and author of several books dedicated to children's education, he begins his career with Marinetti and the Futurist movement. In 1929 he opens a studio with Riccardo Ricas Castagnedi, with whom the following year he creates the Air Machine, considered the first "mobile" in art history. In 1977 he creates, at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, the first workshop for children in a museum. Bruno Munari, for his extensive activity in the field of literature, education and art, receives many awards, including three Compasso d'Oro (in 1979 for the multifunctional bed Abitacolo) and in 1995 the Compasso d'Oro career award. Munari signs his latest work at the age of 90, a year before passing away in 1998.